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An update? :o
by Seer (shallow_lumiere)
at August 24th, 2007 (09:54 am)

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I really wanted to like this one. It sort of grew on me in the first few sentences, but later on just started to go way downhill for me. I don’t know. It wasn’t so bad, except for some WTF? parts.

Title: A Koi fish’s Mask
Author: KitaxHaku
Summary: I've always been silent always hiding my feelings. And now this guy comes, and my world is turned upside down. What are these personallities taking over? What has Kurama done to my mask? More or less, what is this feeling he's giving me? Kuramaxoc Romance

Name: Koi Itamu, Ko-chan
Age: 15-16?
Species: Demon
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
History: She grew up as a human with no connections, goes to school with Kurama and knows him as Suuichi (for the record, I hate that spelling the most. Shuiichi is my favorite because it looks pretty.) But then she finds out that she is, in fact, a cat demon thing.
Traits: She just knows how to heal, she transforms to demon form, and she angsts a lot. She is also immature, but she recognizes this. (But then angsts about it. Ugh.)
Possessions: Friend Kara, ANGST, no family, apparently no friends (is Kara a friend?), Kurama’s heart, and
Canon Boyfriend: Kurama

Worst Part of Story:
“ThereCollapse )

The Positive Note:
“AbsolutelyCollapse )

The Negative Note:
“NothingCollapse )

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It's destiny!
by Seer (shallow_lumiere)
at August 17th, 2007 (03:02 pm)

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Alright, so, I think that I will start updating this again. Anyway, I just had to choose this one because I noticed that the character's name just happens to be Monica. *points to avatar* I think that made me cringe a bit more than I would have.

Title: My Forbidden Love
Author: ElementSister
Summary: Prequel to Secrets of the Past. Monica, heiress to the Northern lands of Demon world, disappears after her parents' death. Years later, a woman becomes future Empress of Diroshi, a land where demons are despised. But an old face comes back to haunt her.

As a bonus, her character Monica is also in her profile. It seems that this isn't the main fanfiction for this sue, but rather the backstory to her life.

Name: Monica Akimi, The red Fox, Lady of Light, Guardian of the Lake of Light
Age: 6, then some thing between 16-18 I'm guessing.
Species: Half-demon
Eyes: Burgundy/Maroon/Brown, I don't know if they change or she changed her mind.
Hair: Maroon
History: She was from the northern clan, daughter to the heads, and was betrothed to Kurama when she was five and he was six. Her clan was attacked, and she ran away so they thought that she died, too. Yoko then decides to become a thief because he thinks his true love is dead. Later she is adopted by the human emperor, somewhere in demon world.
Traits: She is incredibly mature for a five year old, possessing great wisdom and beauty in all her ages. She is also one of the most intelligent people around ever.
Possessions: Glowing orbs, blue-haired best friend Sayuri, a tear shaped ruby called "Light of the Elements".
Canon Boyfriend: Kurama

Worst Part of Story:
They were in love ever since their early childhood...Collapse )

The Positive Note:
And it was so magical!Collapse )

The Negative Note:
And they had their destinies to consider!Collapse )

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by Seer (shallow_lumiere)
at September 25th, 2005 (09:34 pm)

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Title: Finding the Truth
Author: To-cold-to-Love (Should it not be "Too"?)
Summary: Alex is a normal demon girl living in the Human World. But her life gets turned upside doewn when she awaks in the middle of the night to a high pitch scream.

Name: Alexandra Taylor, Alex, Fire
Age: 15, then 17.
Species: Elemental demon, light demon, dragon demon, and human. (But her brother has dark.. OooOoo)
Eyes: naturally brown, but they can turn silver and red, so you know she's powerful.
Hair: Brown... but it can turn blue and red so far.
History: Her mother is human (and part demon?), her father is the Most Powerful Demon™ in all of the worlds. But they have died now, because someone was opposed to demon/human marriages I guess, even though the mother is part demon but the author must have changed her mind. (If he were so powerful, how did he die so easily?)
Traits: She can control every element, is a well known thief in reikai, a 200IQ, acrobatic skills, and she can knock Hiei out.
Possessions: A lot of money, a brother named William.
Canon Boyfriend: None yet, but I am guessing Hiei.

Worst Part of Story:
Hiei has SLOW Reflexes...?Collapse )

The Positive Note:
And Hiei never sees anything coming.Collapse )

The Negative Note:
And Hiei doesn't like to hit girls.Collapse )

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The Sorry Girl
by Seer (shallow_lumiere)
at September 20th, 2005 (05:59 pm)

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Title: SorryGirl
Author: Tagera Live
Summary: Hiei finds himself watching a girl from Yusuke's school. When the gang tells him to actually talk to her, Hiei feels different. And things get worse in this actionadvantureromancecomdey with a bit of mystery.

Bonus, Internal Summary: Hiei was sitting in a Cherry Blossom tree when he spotted a girl writing in a note book. Not knowing why, he began to watch her. Everyday after school she would go to the same spot. What would happen if the team got a new mission? Hiei wouldn’t see her again and he didn’t even know her so, why did he care? What’s so special about her?

Name: Sauria (pronounced "sorry-a"), Known as "Sorry girl" to everyone.
Age: About 14
Species: Not defined.
Eyes: "a gentle light purple"
Hair: Black, reaching a little past her shoulders
History: Well, her parents die by chapter three, completely randomly.
Traits: She hums a tune often, she has no friends, is a freak in school who is loved by teachers mocked by peers, etc.
Possessions: A red, spiral notebook to draw animals in, a girl Mimi who loves to randomly pick on her, a locker next to Yusuke's, and a cherry blossom gift from Hiei.
Canon Boyfriend: Stalker-Hiei

Worst Part of Story:
A Very Merry Un-Birthday!Collapse )

The Positive Note:
For Me?Collapse )

The Negative Note:
For You!Collapse )

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Monica's First Mary Sue
by Seer (shallow_lumiere)
at September 19th, 2005 (08:37 pm)

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Well, here is the first Mary Sue I will put up to post.

Is this even legible...?

Title: Meeting the Yu Yu Gang
Author: Metschick13
Summary: well this fanfic is about two best friends and them meeting the yu yu gang. uh, one thing tho...it may say AnimeChick13 in some of them...cuz that was my username on the site they used to be on...now there here and please ignore the AnimeChick13 crap.

Name: Toni Urameshi and Sierra Kuwabara
Age: 14?
Species: Cat Demonish
Eyes: Toni - Red
Hair: Toni - Jet black with red streaks, Sierra - Blonde, waist length.
History: Apparently they are just there all of the sudden.
Traits: Well, in Chapter 2 she obtains the shift button.
Possessions: Thugs who want to jump them. Toni has fire and darkness, and Sierra has thunder I guess. And I think they had transformation sequences? That would explain the outfit being described in the middle of a fight scence. Toni also has black cat ears and a tail. Sierra is a yellow can with stripes on her body.
Canon Boyfriend: Toni is Hiei I guess, Sierra to Kurama. They all get dared to make out with eachother when Sierra and Toni move to reikai because they are demons now and they all have a party after.

Worst Part of Story:
And its all one paragraph...Collapse )

The Positive Note:
It Gets Better, In a WayCollapse )

The Negative Note:
Simple and CleanCollapse )

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